DIY How to Install Green Energy Efficient Garage Door Hinges Green Hinge System Weather Seal

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This video walks through the process of installing Green Hinge System’s energy efficient garage door hinges. The unique design creates a better seal between garage door panels and garage door weather seals. This Green Hinge System helps to insulate your garage door by creating a better weather seal on your garage door. These spring loaded hinges also reduce the amount of rattle and overall noise that is generated when opening and closing a garage door.

10 thoughts on “DIY How to Install Green Energy Efficient Garage Door Hinges Green Hinge System Weather Seal

  1. I was looking online to see what others are saying about Green Hinges and found your Video. Nice job on it. I've had the Green Hinges installed on my 16 ft. door for about 2 yrs. now with Zero issues. They've made a substantial difference in my "garage comfort level" as they've pretty much eliminated any unwanted air exchange. As you mentioned, both summer and winter, the garage is a more comfortable space now and I like that! You also mentioned that the door seals seem to take a memory over time. I've found that in N. MN. winter temps that that seal memory gets worse with the cold, just when I need them the most! Having the spring tension creating a good seal in a broad range of temps is a huge plus! I even talked my Son-in-Law into installing them on his new homes garage door and they've quieted their doors down substantially (kids bedrooms are directly above the garage doors) and no more RATTLE! Thanks for letting others no about these. I got mine thru my local Ace hdw., but they ordered them in from their warehouse for me.

  2. Thank for the great video. I have installed these for many customers over the past few years , after re-adjustment each season when the frost moves things around with the original hinges. They really do work great.and have not been called for a door seal problem since installing.  I highly recommend them.
    MARK /MTR Contracting.

  3. Would it not also work to adjust the tracks closer to the door frame? They look to be at the inner limit of their adjustment range as shown at 1:33 in the video.
    That's how I set mine up when I installed my doors. I have the same weatherstrip on the outside, but pushed the track towards the door until the roller contacted the back of the track before tightening the bracket bolt. My doors do not have the give that yours do at the beginning of the video.

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