DIY Build Solar Panels 1/2: Homemade from Scratch

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Build DIY solar panels, homemade from scratch! It can be fun and easy to build solar panels from scratch. For further details, a shopping list, diagrams, specs and dimensions follow along with this blog:

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29 thoughts on “DIY Build Solar Panels 1/2: Homemade from Scratch

  1. Fascinating video Pippi. Would it not be better to wear gloves and use isopropyl alcohol to clean these ?. I was thinking it would be less stop start if you did it like that and i always cut myself, on stuff normally the edge of some daft plastic thing.

  2. Here maybe you might understand this if you do message me back. A solar panel consisting of micro pyramidal shaped crystals with crystallized gold at each apex of each crystal pyramid. The twist? Each panel should be sealed and filled with Argon gas with the pyramidal crystal structures generating a frequency from direct sun light that will cause the Argon gas to become a super cold Liquid. Each pyramidal crystal should have an absorbent structure around it so Liquid Argon gas will pool super cooling each crystal pyramidal shape. At this point the frequency will change and the solar panel will then become a superconducting solar electric generator. Well there is an important part missing from the build that would be required in each crystal pyramidal shape. If you can tell me what the name of this part is? I will explain how to construct a superconducting electrical power generator to operate off the completed superconducting solar panel. I want to stimulate your brain fire it up. If you are interested that is? 😊😉

  3. Would old TV cable or capacitors and speakers for magnetic ? And have convection heater to would that make volts godown or coil of anything mower make one ??? I bet it's like planitary gears ratio maybe

  4. You have made this video so simple and easy to understand, it was a great first lesson. I am very impressed and I'll try to continue to watch all your other videos in order.

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