Curb Your Carbon-Footprint

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Distract from your massive carbon footprint by loosely blaming those who disagree with you politically for the effects of climate change…. all the while confusing ‘climate’ with ‘weather’.

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32 thoughts on “Curb Your Carbon-Footprint

  1. The problem is that everything has become political, which means that actors are being asked their opinions on such things or are giving them freely, and actors for the most part are dumb as fuck.

  2. I love the part about a "new language" as well, how she can't understand it.   Pretty much how the entire middle of America has felt for about the last 15 years with this SJW nonsense.  Talk about a new language.

  3. This world almost died 2 times before dinosaurs were a thing and will finally die by the sun which humans don't affect at all. She's still right but what really can we do about it if it's going to be engulfed by the sun anyways?

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