China solar panels: PRC is now home to the world’s largest floating solar farm

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HUAINAN CITY, CHINA — A new floating solar farm constructed on a lake in Huainan City, China is said to be the largest in the world.

According to the South China Morning Post, the farm is made up of 160,000 solar panels. These panels reportedly can produce electricity for up to 15,000 homes.

The farm is built over a lake that emerged from a collapsed coal mine, reported

The water from the lake helps cool the panels’ electronics, reported the Smithsonian Mag, citing a Telegraph report on Europe’s largest solar farm.

The farm was linked to Huainan City’s power grid last month, reported the South China Morning Post.

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34 thoughts on “China solar panels: PRC is now home to the world’s largest floating solar farm

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  2. Measure the temperature of the area that they put this crap in before and after. You will see the temperature double or triple. Solar is junk if you are trying not heat the planet up. They killed that lake it's going to hotter than bathwater.

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  4. God help you if your a bird flying over these solar farms. Their feathers start to burn…and they literally burn up. Palm Springs solar farms are having the same problems with migrating birds. Not so good for the environment.

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