Carbon Footprint

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Commissioned by Discovery Networks EMEA, and created by Jellyfish Pictures, the film is an animated time lapse following the decomposition of a tin can over 50 years, depicting the impact of failing to recycle rubbish.

49 thoughts on “Carbon Footprint

  1. This is a good anti litter ad but how about consumerism and population growth increase the carbon foot print.  I.E. more people and more money = more gas being used, and methane producing farm animals consumed, etc etc.

  2. hahahahaha some how human being have turned in to external source of carbon dioxide. Apparantly by breathing the air that is already on the planet you not only add more carbon dioxide but u are also upsetting the balance of planet that has survived for billions of years, meteor, comet, global floods, global freezez, say it with me people "natural global warming" does that on ring a bell. uuhhh guess not

  3. jajajaj its all sooo fucking hysterical, hahahah, it take 5 seconds blahh blahh , 50 years blahh blaah. so lets recyle it for the next 50 year so it takes longer to decompose, and return to the earth in its natural form. Or what if he tossed a wooden cup, that would make an enviormentalist day wouldnt.

  4. Outstanding! Love to bits this magic music.That noble clip is one of the best things I ever seen on TV. Thought-provoking, climatic and broaching significant problem. Save our Planet, folks !
    BOGHOSIAN, why do You write this SHIT? Don't be so wise,fudge tunnel. Better keep recycling. (-:

  5. Recycling is ok with me but global carbon taxation, removal of people from carbon dense locations to a Eco friendly one, the green police surveilling you, is total bullshit. Fuck this fake global warming propaganda they are selling you. This is all about control not global warming. Do your research on climate gate. It's a huge fraud.

  6. @TheMargo07 Yes I agree. It would be prudent to cobnsider trying to balance the carbon build up in the environment. However I am sceptical of governments telling us what we should do. Remember the "Millenium Bug" and other great money makers? I'm not saying do nothing. I'm saying do the correct thing.
    There is a saying: Believe nothing. No matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it. Unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

  7. This whole "Carbon Footprint" debate is just hokum. They want you to recycle. Thats it. Nothing to do with global warming.
    If they really wanted to correct the carbon imbalance in the biosphere then more trees would have been planted.
    We (the human race) produce less than 6% of the carbon dioxide generated globally. The issue is the planets innability to soak up the greenhouse gasses due to deforestation.
    However it may already be too late to correct it anyway.
    Ah well have a beer.

  8. hi folks, glad you like the advert and that you can all enjoy it and argue about it at the same time.
    Oh yeh…and soda cans dont rust – unless they are from the 70's and made from steel….thats my excuse anyway.
    I worked on the vfx and have (finally) gotten around to posting up some making of videos.
    look up the videos in my vid section

  9. well ur altitude commends that, now i on the other hand live in florida and it snowed not only in tampa, but jacksonville AND orlando during the winter. It was like 27 degrees minus the wind chill and we are the sunshine state >:O

  10. my carbon footprint is embedded in the asses of all the factless brainwashed green movement zealot shitheads, who don't understand their really working in favor of the enemy.

  11. higher co2 = better plant growth. Makes sense to me. maybe you global warming dipshits would rather starve countries than increase co2 emissions. Plants need co2. why did plants and trees grow so big during the time of the dinosaurs. it was because there was so much more co2 in the atosphere. you people will follow any snake oil sales man who knocks on your door. take a science or horticulture class and quit listening to your friends and fucking idiots like al gore.

  12. 1 second 50 years. its all the same to the earth.

    if EVERYONE threw out all aluminum cans right now in 50 years they'd all be dust.

    50 years is NOTHING if we are just random chance on a rock floating in space.

    so whats the problem?

  13. A footprint is made by man, not a can. They are implying that man is the problem in a clever way. The real polluters are not shown because they have bought carbon credits in advance.
    Global Warming is a hoax. The whole solar system is heating up. The sun will experience cycle 24 in 2010 til 2012. Please look it up on the NOAA site. Don't be fooled.

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