Cap And Trade – Carbon Offset – Carbon Footprint – Climate Change – Carbon Scam – Pollution Scam

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Watch this entertaining video to understand how the cap n trade bill, the carbon offset etc. works. Its all a big scam that makes the poor and those who pollute LESS, pay MORE!

35 thoughts on “Cap And Trade – Carbon Offset – Carbon Footprint – Climate Change – Carbon Scam – Pollution Scam

  1. lmfao buying and selling carbon credits…. it's a fuckin scam. People believe this shit? Not climate change but the "credits"

    lets assume it worked as intended… those with the resources can give fuck all about their emissions if they just buy the "credits" it does nothing to the actual emissions

    but fuck all that if a business could reduce their energy costs they would. Yep. It's that simple. If the tech was there to save / reduce costs everyone would. You don't need credits in that case. If the tech both cut costs and reduced emissions at the same time it's a NON ISSUE because everyone would be fighting to have it implemented – by even suggesting "credits" or "tax incentives" you're admitting it doesn't work and can't survive on it's own merits.

    Are you fuckin people retarded? It's extremely basic economics….

  2. Well, if the devil is in the details, won't it be better to iron out the details instead of scrapping that whole project? Make sure that only permits that come from actually decreasing the emitted carbon are sold and we're good to go. Cutting down a forest is a carbon positive activity, so the company should be forced to buy more permits to do it (and recover some after planting the palm oil site). About the 200% expansion, it's not a problem at all – the 200% would still be within the agreed budget, so even if they lied about it to "scale down" and get real permits – the budget will still be maintained.

    About the so-called "ecological debt" – trying to force this concept is a form of retroactive law. It's like telling me that I need to pay a fee to pick apples from trees on government land and then fine me for the apples picked by my grandfather.

  3. Goldman Sachs DID NOT gives us the Subprime Mortgage Market. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with help of taxpayer (Government) guarantees did. See "Reckless Endangerment" by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosen.

  4. Maybe Cap & Trade can just be taxed. Here's an example – instead of handing out free permits; those permits could be taxed or in this case – charged with a set price, depending on how much a company contributes to climate change. By this – I mean; if you have an oil company – producing 80% more CO2 in the world; than a Motor vehicle company, the oil company must pay more for a permit. Now – these permits should only last 3 months, meaning these companies must buy more permits, to fuel their company – metaphorically speaking.

    However – if a company FAILS to reduce the amount of carbon they release into the atmosphere, then they are charged and a must pay an extra 10% for one more permit.. Now this sounds like an extremely complicated process, but Logically – I think it makes sense & it would encourage companies to watch out for the amount of carbon they release. In terms of us citizens, who don't work for big corporations – if we produce or use more than a certain amount of energy, we are charged an extra 300 dollars into our hydro bill, unless a family is too poor to effort it.
    Now – in terms of transportation emissions – I believe we NEED higher carbon tax. This means that we must push for higher taxes on gasoline and coal..Many people have more efficient solutions to this to accommodate the crisis we are ALL suffering today, which is #ClimateChange

  5. the solutions are far simpler than suggested in the video-
    ban the building of coal plants world wide and only give permits for heavy water reactor systems that run on thorium- a plutonium free and radiation free alternative to nuclear power but with the benefits of 24/7 all weather operation.
    for the poorer nations suffering from climate change- we directly fund building their zero carbon energy system with the money sequestered strictly for that purpose and made transparently so.
    all that carbon trade bullshit is only tax grab by government and their corporatist friends- not a penny will go into alternative green energy.

  6. Interesting they think of us, as mentally retarder. So for the mentally retarded they are create an animation, so the mentally retarded can go with the biggest LIE in 21 century!

  7. This is a good expose of the "carbon" scam, but perpetuates the scam that brought it into being, the idea that CO2 is a global thermostat. The usual ill-informed use of black clouds to represent CO2, the desperately mistaken claims that small islands will disappear because of CO2, etc etc and the whole mistaken idea that we are talking "carbon" rather than carbon dioxide. The poor girl is sincere but misguided and doesn't realise that those promoting the carbon scam are those who are petuating the myths around CO2.

  8. More climate change propaganda. Take a brief warming period and blame it on mans 1% contribution to CO2 which has never lead atmospheric warming ever. Then make trillions off creating a solution. This is called a racket folks and there is as much substance to the solution as there is to "the war on drugs".

  9. Carbon offsets projects represent some of the best examples of sustainable development – anywhere. Carbon markets, regulations and GHG managment has come a long long way since Annie did this. Time for her to post a retraction.

  10. "The future of our planet is at stake?" LOL- hysterics!  I suggest those who subscribe to this fear tactic take a peak at the "Save the planet" skit done by George Carlin- puts things in perspective.

  11. Climate change? I thought the battle cry was Global Warming? So, I guess when the reality doesn't fit the hypothesis simply change the hypothesis huh? The question that needs to be answered is simple enough- does human activity create increased carbon levels which in turn influences global climate change? or is climate change influenced by natural processes within the earth and our solar system? volcanic eruptions,solar winds, cloud formation etc. And lets not confuse pollution with carbon emissions.

  12. This isn't a criticism of ETS per se. You could easily implement changes to make cap and trade work better without scrapping the core idea. The idea works very similarly to a carbon tax. It just makes it more expensive to produce carbon. 

    Higher costs reduces supply in the long run. I

  13. Oh ffs. Theft? Bs. Cap and trade incentivises investment in more environmentally friendly options, to the benefit of every citizen in the world. Its not even a tax as well. Companies buy and sell carbon allowances, and each company is able to benefit if they choose to

  14. A wholly misinformed and generalized explanation of cap and trade…and carbon offsetting. She again takes one example and stamps hundreds of projects with the same seal of disapproval, without taking into account the innumerable success stories, then offers absolutely no viable source of change.  

  15. Cap N Trade is literal theft by committing fraud.  Taxing carbon is a very clever clever way to steal peoples money in the name of a good sounding cause. Throughout the Earth's history there have been many temperature ups and downs and several proven ice ages the temperature fluctuations can be long term and severe and eventually will go back in the opposite direction although it may take 10s 100s or 1000s of years to do so. Mother earth never needed progressive socialism or world communism or crooked banker and finance type guys  using carbon credit trading to stealing money from the general populace to deal with the problem in the past. 

  16. I like this however, re carbon fees are we not already paying them in form of higher prices and actual taxes on the energy we use? What are you proposing for additional fees as in the end the consumer pays there in the form of higher prices. ps thanks for the thought provoking video. 

  17. Very interesting, thanks for putting your energy in explaining and bringing a critical perspective on Cap and Trade. I do agree with most of your points and thank you for sharing them is such a clear and passionate way. As we move in to a Clean Energy Economy as you put it, more important than Cap and Trade as a program is the fact that we need to boost a movement, and as we move, solutions and improvements will emerge from all sides. I think we need is to improve solutions, Cap and Trade, just as Carbon Offsets should be part of this movement, people and companies need it. But what you are bringing is that as in many other areas with low on non proper civil society representation, contracts fail to represent peoples concerns and expectations. I know very professional people engaged in several climate initiatives, people I admire and respect for their consistent contribution. The challenge is to find our way as we move. More important than anything…. move..   

  18. What we lack is a market driven method of producing electricity outside of 1960's tech. LFTR, NanoSolar paint, subdivision decentralization, Norwegian style Hydo, MagLev horizontal axis wind turbines, Thorium Laser Drives, sub-critical Thorium reactors (Carlo Rubbia), and orbital microwave energy transmitters are all relatively cheap ways to end the use of coal and other fossil fuels for energy production and allow us to phase out our aging nuclear reactors. Carbon has it's place in the production of alloys, of course we could move that to the moon if we had a stable energy source that would work in a vacuum.

  19. What we really see is larger industries are immune to cap and trade. The smaller companies are the ones suffering. These cap and trade, carbon offset and carbon taxes are only helping the system to consolidate market power. These videos are only helping these large companies. That is if you believe that anthropogenic global warming even exists.

  20. current readings indicate CO2 PPM at 390ppm + and this vid asserts disaster will occur at 380 ppm. That pretty much flushes the credibility of the premise that global temperature is driven by CO2, also given that real scientific data shows global temps have flattened, and most of the warming is northern hemisphere only, and driven by natural processes. Burt Rutan has several analysis of the data used to support the IPCC's agenda, and finds their grasp on " science" lacking.

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