Can 100% renewable energy power the world? – Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei

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Every year, the world uses 35 billion barrels of oil. This massive scale of fossil fuel dependence pollutes the earth, and it won’t last forever. On the other hand, we have abundant sun, water and wind, which are all renewable energy sources. So why don’t we exchange our fossil fuel dependence for an existence based only on renewables? Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei describe the challenges.

Lesson by Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei, directed by Giulia Martinelli.

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26 thoughts on “Can 100% renewable energy power the world? – Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei

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  2. I honestly can't believe that a TED-Ed video on renewable energy did not mention the discovery or advance in technological ways of harnessing nuclear fusion. Even though nuclear fusion isn't renewable, it's the cleanest possible form of energy. Don't get me wrong, i loved this video and found it very informative. Well done again TED-Ed!

  3. If it's nuclear in nature, then yes……….
    I get that we all want to save the earth, but maybe our focus should broaden. NASA uses nuclear radioactive pellets to power their satellites. The solar sails provide minimal power. Think they're on to something? I'm just sayin
    Waiting for it……. incoming below…….LOL


  5. Perhaps the most efficient geothermal/renewable resources could be used to split H20 on an industrial scale ? Hydrogen fuelled transport with water as a by-product and nil greenhouse gas emissions sounds like a win-win option to me.

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