Building a Solar Powered Workshop

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Thanks to Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables and to Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds

This project was sponsored by The Home Depot

50 thoughts on “Building a Solar Powered Workshop

  1. yeahh really cool but ECONOMICAL? How much did this cost? The idea being off the grid is great but would you do carpentry and hobby stuff when the main power is down . . . ? you should probably worry about cooking your food and heat your house and not how to power a drill in a hobby shed!!

  2. "Really affordable" =2x the cost for Tuff Shed. I took pics of a shed I Was interested in at the local HD, modeled it in sketchup, made sure I had all measurements and material counts right, and came in about half what Tuff Shed was charging.

  3. I love how he starts the video – "today we're gong to build…".
    Yeah right – today you'll sit back and watch people assembling it for you!
    Great idea – I'd love to see how someone does it them self though, and not with an unlimited budget, but with skills.

  4. Come October, I'm going to see if my Dad wants to do this. If we try it now in August, in FL, we'll die. But his shed could use some updating and these storage options look like a dream.

  5. "Buys black tool work chests, paints them white" Should have just ordered them off amazon or something already white! Sheesh…. XD Though my old shed is wearing out and wanna have it replaced due to things growing into it, mostly bamboo and vines so. I'll look into these guys.

  6. How to succeed in Home Depot’s commercials:
    1. Buy Ryobi
    2. Buy Rigid power tools
    3. Groan two months later after spending two grand on power tools that fail you
    4. Just don’t shop at Lowe’s
    5. Done!

  7. with a shop that pretty unit building shit I guess it's cool if you want to sit there and drink your imported IPA and talk about your mustaches with your buddies cuz that's all you're going to do in that shed pal. you could have saved 3 Grand in garbage solar power, ran a 50 amp service from your house and took all the money you saved and bought some decent tools

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