Breakthrough in renewable energy – VPRO documentary – 2016

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It’s not in the papers but a silent revolution is moving across the world. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than from fossil fuels. It means that progressively the choice for wind and solar energy is no longer an ethical one but an economic one. And this will speed up the transfer to renewable energy.

In countries like Brazil, Australia, Chile and parts of the United States people consider renewable energy because of financial reasons. The price of solar and wind energy will continue to drop and in more countries renewable energy will occur.

A surprising newcomer on the market is Morocco, where the government expects that in 2020 more than 40 percent of the energy could come from solar energy.

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2016.
© VPRO Backlight March 2016

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Director: Martijn Kieft
Research: Robert Kosters
Producer: Jolanda Segers
Commissioning editors: Marije Meerman, Doke Romeijn
English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.

36 thoughts on “Breakthrough in renewable energy – VPRO documentary – 2016

  1. The only thing agreed upon was to export jobs to emerging nations, to manufacture the same products, but in even dirtier ways, to export back to the more developed nations. This is stupid beyond belief.

  2. Literally Anyone: "The world is no longer looking at the United States to do the right thing. Others are stepping up to the plate to take leadership roles. This is wonderful!"

    Trump Supporter: "See? Trump is making the world a better place!"

    LA: "Wait… what!? You don't even believe in climate change!"

    TS: "I know. But I can't resist an opportunity to praise Daddy. I'm helpless by nature."

  3. How long is it going to take people to understand that they (energy people) are not interested in renewable or free energy? If they were, there would be no restrictions on solar power, no tax after tax after tax. Its all about the money and nothing else. Living off the grid would be encouraged instead of people being threatened with prison in most places. A study was done a few years back, and it said that 150 square miles of solar panels placed in the desert would supply the entire nation with power. So dont blow crap up my butt about not enough energy to go around so that they need to increase the cost per kilowatt and they need the option to turn off power to peoples homes when they run low on energy. …..The love of money has always been the root of all evil and has kept the entire world from being the best it could be.

  4. Any country that can become self-sufficient in energy, using renewables, will then not be at the Political whim of other nations political agendas and dictators trying to flex their muscles.

  5. A thought on roof panels. If the roof is 16' ridge to drip, 16' panels that hook together is the best way to cover it. Frame the roof and then use panels that provide roof decking, roofing and solar all in one.

  6. when will electric home heat be cheaper than natural gas? That's quite a ways past electric generation because only like .25 of the energy of natural gas will become electricity where most all of it will become heat in a furnace

  7. I am thrilled that renewables have finally arrived. But I do think we need to keep a plan B in our hip pocket. What if we have a super volcano eruption or an asteroid? Solar and wind energy would be drastically reduced. I think we need to make things like conservation and mass transit as important as renewables (if not more so), so if something goes wrong we can muddle our way through.

  8. China is going to have to skip over coal as much as possible, their population is going to demand so much power that coal and fossil fuels are simply not feasible given the global warming factor.

  9. Resources, What are the panels/ turbines made out of? Solar panels are semiconductors, there are rare earths in those, how many can we afford? Are we going to be making them out of recycled cellphones to keep costs down? There are several turning points on this path….

  10. The cost to produce the power is not all that meaningful. Rather, the total system cost per Kwh including storage, base load plants, peaking plants, grid cost, etc is what is meaningful. In every case where renewables predominate, the cost per Kwh is much higher. You need nuclear along with renewables for base loading and peak demand and it produces 0% greenhouse gases.

  11. This is great but we don't want the idiots thinking warming the planet even more will increase solar efficiency. The globe is already going to warm up by 4 degrees with the gas up their now we have to combat co2 and methane. The cost is down on renewable energy but we still have idiots seeing the melting of ice caps as an opportunity to mine thd oil underneath. I say don't try to create a sun on earth with nuclear as we can use the sun's light to produce power that power can make the world wealthy not individuals.

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