Bicycle Generator DC Generator Green Energy ELECTRIC BIKE DIY HYBRID

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This is a 24 volt Bicycle Generator attached to a bike. Permanent Magnet Motor.

48 thoughts on “Bicycle Generator DC Generator Green Energy ELECTRIC BIKE DIY HYBRID

  1. nice, but a bigger sprocket on the outside of the motor would be more efficient as you're having losses in the chain due to the acute angle the chain pulls around that tiny sprocket. Pedalling at a higher cadence/smaller gear ratio is better/more efficient than a slower one using a bigger gear.

  2. Imagine if some groups of real top engineers from around the world made a variety of different type exercise serious Maschines like this instead of making military weapons and idiotic outer space nonsense missions to nowhere. Finally everyone would have a real sense of accomplishment when going to the gym.

  3. I love your videos!! You always show different aspects of doing things and why what may seem "the most simple easiest get her done if it works then one doesn't need to look at any other way" is one approach, but just because the set up may be the easiest , it isn't always the easiest, in efficiency and labor, the easy was only in the parts and the putting together and a person will have things much easier if they invest a bit more effort into research and equipment, thus actually making the output of electricity much easier in the long run ofproducing electrcity!! Great video as always! Well done on instruction and as always, the Mrs. made an amazing assistant didn't she!?! GOD bless everyone!!!

  4. Really like your videos. Thanks for mentioning the rectifier on the input to prevent feed back. There are different btry booster packs that have a built in input cut off for switching when the btry is topped off too. I suggest an alternative input circuit using a btry feed and a btry charger that you plug in and run the out put of the btry pack to a flow storage of three seperate 12 volts in parallel and then to a 1500 watt inverter. You could run your whole shop with a setup like that and also charge the system with one of those wonderful verticle wind generators you two build. (y) (y) (y).

  5. Good job. Just a suggestion. Try adding a heavy fly wheel on the generator shaft for a better controllable speed. It will be a bit difficult to get it going, but once the fly wheel gets its momentum, peddling would become easier. This is a good way to exercise & produce that expensive thing called 'ELECTRICITY'.

  6. I keep on saying it, from years ago, … You are just two wonderful lunatics… that I love to watch; Keep on trying. By the way, that's the best way to keep your wife in shape. Lol.

  7. This could save some marriages. After a couple of hours of this, she'll have no energy to ever say anything back, ever. Or he, for that matter. Just make one of the two use it, in turns.

  8. First, I would use a DC gen with skewed coils to eliminate the cogging (which is where the resistance that Denise feels comes from). Then, would use the output to keep a battery bank charged, and then a DC inverter to plug in various appliances.

  9. A heavy flywheel might help smooth out clogging from the generator. A gear changer can allow a human to pump up to a higher maximum pressure in an air compressor, and allow a human to push a higher maximum current draw from the generator.

  10. Cool demo. People don't have a clue as to what it takes to generate electricity. The average person puts out about 1/6 horsepower and not for very long. That's about 125 watts.

  11. I used a self exciting alternator. Once it was hooked up to the battery, it was insanely hard to pedal. I used a 24v dc motor as my generator and with the gearing just right, I am able to produce just over 13volts while under load. I can pedal and produce that consistent voltage for about 15 minutes. It is a lot harder than you think. I was wondering if adding a capacitor between the battery and the generator would have any effect on the amount of resistance created by the generator while under load.

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