Best Renewable Energy Projects In the World You’ve Never Seen Before

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World’s largest floating solar farm in E China.
China, Cuba cooperate in developing renewable energy.
India to Power Ports With Renewable Energy.
Mexico’s largest solar energy project aims at sustainability.
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Just Opened A Massive Wind Farm In Texas.
Solar farming is growing as option for producing renewable energy.
Wind Power price drops open possibility of ‘entirely green energy system’.
Wind power project set to change face of Kenya’s renewable energy sector.
World’s First Solar Farm, Shaped Like a Giant Panda, Has Been Built in Datong, China.
China’s huge panda-shaped solar farm.

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20 thoughts on “Best Renewable Energy Projects In the World You’ve Never Seen Before

  1. Sky scrapers in Chicago should never have an electric bill. Winds are so strong in the upper levels that glass gets sucked out of the walls without special installation. VAWT at the corners would likely make more wattage than the city can use.

  2. they need to put all those panels over the ocean. seems silly to cut down trees and greenery to replace it with solar panels. more companies also need to take advantage of the oceans waves to generate power.

  3. the technoligy is simple. a silicon wafer and a germanium. between a dielectic or plastic. when sun light hits tge glass . light photons cause the electron in the silicon to moves or flow. as electricity is produce. but this enery beeing unidirectional ie dc. is stored in battery and have to be converted into AC. alternating current. which. is use as utilities. this can be step up to sever mw. …soo. solar is another source of energy .like nuclear. hydro. diiesel. generators etc

  4. and china is a communist country. soo indudtrialisation is not realy about west soo called democracy.
    Africa take note ban multiparty politics it only hold you back. and brerds currupt and in efficiency one party is the best. it covers all naturally .freeing every citizen to acquire equal skills to better themselves. it also make the president only a salary worker than a boss. and hrs over sighted by a pulit buro committee

  5. An ugly sight. Good energy but expensive. We could make more and save CO2 with the same money in better applications.

    Solar cannot replace a substantial portion of a country like the US, maybe Mexico is good for some since they use a fraction of what US uses per person, and they have areas with inadequate electricity where new plants are appropriate.

  6. Awesome to finally have LIMITLESS energy to power our world, using the SUN and WIND. Indeed, clean and renewable energy is what the entire world need; If we want “Mother Earth” to survive in color and overcome this incredible polluted phase that humanity finds itself drowning in, right now. Thank you for USING and sharing this incredible technology that will transform our entire world. Namaste!

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