ATTENTION! The Sun is not the center of the Solar system!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel. In today’s video Smart is the New Sexy is going to tell you about the thing around which all the planets of the Solar system orbit. And it’s not the Sun. Yep, you heard that right, the Sun might be not the center of our home system. Curious to find out why? Please keep watching.

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37 thoughts on “ATTENTION! The Sun is not the center of the Solar system!

  1. I'm sorry, but you're sadly mistaken if you believe the sun exists. This is all just a lie made by NASA! We must not believe in lies so we can actually advance into the better future like the humans from before did!

  2. Key Word.. Might.

    The sun orbits the earth!

    You obviously don’t know that smaller planets moons etc orbits the bigger celestial objects.
    Meaning we’re orbiting the sun, which the sun is orbiting the massive black hole in the center of Galaxy.
    We are also in a helical motion orbiting the sun… because the universe is in constant motion obviously… why? Cause everything is still expanding.

  3. Besides from telling the same shit over and over for like 1000x times with different senteces and aspects , Would you please stop talking like an 50 year old trying to be sexy. I cant even dream abaout finishing this video without gouging my ears unlike the other videos that u post. By the way sun revolving around the galactic system does not alter the SOLAR SYSTEM's center and being the center of the system does not necessarily implies that everything in that system should revolve around it with one hundred percent precision. Clickbaiting does not suit this kind of channels. I usually love this channel and its posts but i think this video is a hundred percent waste of time and the result of lack of ideas to create a content.

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