ASTRONEER – GIANT Solar Panels – Best Power Source?

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In this video I will show you how to setup giant solar panels to power your base

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29 thoughts on “ASTRONEER – GIANT Solar Panels – Best Power Source?

  1. Good demo, but 2 things — You can hook them straight to the base. They just need to be close enough to a base pod. You also don't really need 2 winches. I can see why you might use them, but this technique only needs 1. You could do it w/o dropping the winch down the hole, too, but this is much easier.

  2. WHY IS EVERY ONE THINKING THAT YOU NEED 2 WINCHES YOU ONLY NEED ONE. It can be at any angel. Mine is just laying there in a hole. But the solar panels (the blue side) needs to be up. I have one solar panel on my base and you will not worry about your power any more. If you have batteris that can charge thru the day then you will have power thru the night. I recomend that you will take a winch with your car or just atache it to the solar panel and go to you base with it in your hand! to make 4 titanium fore 2 winches is very exspansive and useless. To find a big solar panel just go with a buttlode of tethers and go in a straight line. For example north. I know that it will take some time but you will find it in like 20 -30 minuites max. If your solar panel is like 5 meters from your station then you can just take a rover and connect it to the solar panel and you base. Try looking around you base because its very easy that it spawned just out of your render distance. I hope this just helped some one a little bit or more!😇😇😇

  3. I can't get mine to be stuck in the ground. I tried quitting to main menu, quitting to desktop and exiting through the X in the top right. Still Im able to move it :[

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