Airmazing Solar Bag

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Steve Spangler launches a Solar Bag using the power of the sun. At least if Crazy Russian Hacker copies this idea, we know he probably bought the Solar Bag from us!

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47 thoughts on “Airmazing Solar Bag

  1. I understand u can handle with one person and it inflate it's easy to tear and it flys but what is the point of doing it, means u can but a kite to fly instead of buying a nuclear reactor, means he was doing like it's a nuclear reactor and handle it with care or the country goes boom so ya can someone explain the point of using it

  2. I’m gonna get a set up a bunch of Hefty garbage bags and let them go. Last time it caused a 3 car accident when a small plane crashed on the highway. I’d put it on YouTube but I’m in jail for murder.and I brought down a

  3. I used to love this as a kid, the ones I had were broader in circumference, but not as long. More like a zeppelin. This huge zeppelin just hanging above my neighborhood. They're extremely fragile though..

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