5 Zero Waste & Eco-Friendly Swaps No.2

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Part 2 of my Zero Waste series! Making some hygiene swaps to reduce paper waste and water pollution. Let’s save the planet! Weeeee!

My previous zero waste swaps video

S O C I A L:


Swap No.1
Cleancult laundry detergent pods
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Swap No.2
Tushy bidet

Swap No.3
Me Luna menstrual cup

Swap No.4
Reusable cloth napkins instead of paper napkins

Swap No.5
Repurposing and reusing packaging for items I pack and post from my depop shop.
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Are you Greek?
– I’m half Greek half Portuguese.

Where do you live?
– In Greece

Why do you have an American accent?
– My parents grew up in the US so I was raised bilingual speaking Greek and English

What camera do you use?
– For my main videos I use the canon 5d mark ii with a 24-70mm f/2.8 sigma lens or the 40mm pancake lens. For vlogs usually my gopro hero 4 silver or the canon s120 (very bad audio, wouldn’t recommend this to anyone)

Where can I find a list of ethical brands?
– Right here!

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29 thoughts on “5 Zero Waste & Eco-Friendly Swaps No.2

  1. I want to introduce you menstral underwear THINX, I am using it for 6 months I guess. This is also zero-wasted, I guess. I used both menstral cup and this underwear in my period and I am obsessed. Sometimes I don't wanna put the cup into my body especially 4 or 5 days of period then I switch cup to this underway You should check it out

  2. I would never reuse a towel to wipe my butt after doing my business but if you use a bidet you are just drying it after it’s clean, which is the same as if you dry it after shower.

  3. Women n the 18th century got periods 30-50 times through ought their ENTIRE life…. Were never going to make it to that point due to gmos, ect,…

  4. I am totally with you about the clothes, substantial amount is the operating word here. A lot of minimalist I've come across on youtube advocate on having very few clothes (and some are not even the high quality ones), not considering needing to wash them more often than needed, the water it consumes and the toll it takes on fabrics from constants rubbing together in the washer. Thanks for pointing that out!

  5. you can already modify yourself to not have your period anymore, if you feel so inclined, there are several ways to achieve that actually. regardless of that tacky basic joke the video was quite informative, good luck on your zero waste journey

  6. Love your vids Kristen!! I noticed you are Greek before, but now I just realized you are half Portuguese, yeyy! I'm Portuguese 🙂
    You always give good tips, being conscious about all around us it's definitely a process <3
    Love from Portugal!

  7. I'm a little confused – the first zero waste swap you talk about in this video is laundry detergent in plastic packaging? Or is the packaging compostable? By the way, if you're using reusable pads, it's not much of a leap to cloth toilet wipes :).

  8. Hi! First of all I wanted to thank you and tell you that you're immensely helpful! I wanted to ask you if you know Apivita, the Greek brand. It's eco-friendly, vegan, and more beautiful stuff. Today I'm going to buy a few of their products, and thought that you might know a bit more about them since you live in Greece. 🙂 Thanks for your time and recommendations. Xx

  9. What's weird with using a bidet??? Here in Italy it's mandatory and I can't believe people find it weird to wash their butt after they poop or use a towel afterwards… like, you'll wash that towel, and you're using it to wipe a clean butt, it won't be dirty!!!

  10. when it comes to the cup you might have some accidents at first but nothing to be superworried about, I mean if the cup is not placed properly you will feel it, after 2 or 3 months at most ou will be a pro at put it in but if you need to have some protecion for your peace of mind you can make your own pantiliner with toilet paper and tape haha yes, you just change it everytime you go to the bathroom and you will feel good and secure

  11. I love that you are on this journey and doing your part to be more environmentally friendly! That being said, please contemplate switching your laundry detergent once again. The pods you are using are wrapped in plastic, which will break down and lead to micro plastic particles being let into our water supplies. Please contemplate looking into using the totally plastic free & toxic free laundry detergent from Simply Co. It works so well and is even more environmentally friendly!! Cheers!

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