5 INCREDIBLE Eco-Friendly Life Changing Inventions

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5 incredible inventions that could help preserve our planet and fight the pollution. Links down below, just click show more.
Part 2 –
0:00 – Leaf Plates –
1:44 – HomeBiogas –
4:17 – Edible Cutlery –
7:57 – TwiLight Solar Light – – Amazon link
10:21 – Drumi –


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41 thoughts on “5 INCREDIBLE Eco-Friendly Life Changing Inventions

  1. The comments here explain the very mentality as to why the western countries are developed, where as though we have thousands of years of history behind us we are still way behind them. Things have to change!

  2. The homebiogas seems like a huge idea, they should scale it for bigger appartment buildings and automate the process..

    It has many beneficial economic benefits to it, but requires regulation and reforming the way we do economics on efficiency..

  3. yeah.. banana leaves have been used for centuries by mostly Asians and not just Indians… Drumi is useless..have Americans forgotten how to handwash their clothes? They have been doing that before washing machines were invented.

  4. Sharava is proud to take the credit for introducing food serving bio plate and cups concept. Thorough professionals with qualifications and experience in the field manage the company.
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  5. Indians used Banana Leaves, Leaves of the Butea Monosperma (Plashu), and Sal Tree leaves for generations to eat food, and carry food when they travel. The "Invention" plastics killed the age old system, screwing the earth. And now to claim this is an" invention" is total bull***t.

  6. what a lie ! u r claiming these as your invention? in indian subcontinent these plates are made and used since so many years…indian companies, NGOs, self help groups are making pots,plates from banana tree, areca nut tree, sal tree ….just google it

  7. Pocket Full of Sunshine is a wonderful song to play during the advertisement for the TwiLight Solar Light; it gives more than hope, it gives confidence.:-) Please keep up the good work.

  8. as child i have seen this but people dont use much for functions as construction quality is not always same, some places better some places not. WE DONT KNOW HOW TO MARKET.. WE HAVE ONLY IDEAS . after use we just carry on for next idea, not develop what we have, that is left to others who need it!!!

  9. Guys, be a German company be New..Don't copy something which is existing for 1000 of years in India, Nepal and the Asian countries.. You didn't invent anything new. If u r good in process teach them the process.There are more than 700,000 people working in this industry.Import from them with good quality and market them worldwide.But not like taking their idea of 1000 years old and presenting to world as if new, not looking good for a German company. You can make profit, but not like buy for 10 cents and selling it in 100 euros..Be human..don't kill livelihoods of people..we get 100 plates for 10 euros..Please re-think on your strategies..we will help you in procurement, You can market.. Get them a fair price..and market..

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