5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas & Solutions For The Future

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Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video – Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project –
2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro –
5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) –
7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power –
9:43 ➤ Floating Solar –

Some other cool renewable energy projects:
Nuclear Fusion Reactor –
Nuclear Waste Reactor –


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46 thoughts on “5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas & Solutions For The Future

  1. driving energy from earth's is not good as because one time will come when earth's core will cool down and it will not poses any magnetic or gravitational field to protect from sun actually I am not able to understand why we harness energy by heating water

  2. Please get aware of the REAL problem of the modern – "civilized" – world / society: The "Collective Civilization Neurosis", the "disease of society".

  3. Well folks when you see all these new kinds of technology to generate power, how does all this make you feel about harmful nuclear power plants?

  4. A couple kf these are pretty retarded. Why cover our waterways with solar panels wwhen there is much better ideas out there. None of these are the future except maybe the graphene one. Its the only one that doesnt causr major changes to the environment to implement and probably the most affordable to accomish as it only takes graphene and if there truly is no lose thats the best all the others would have big impacts on environment

  5. Drilling to the mantle? What mud will they use? What drill bit? How efficient will the cementing and casing be? It takes more than just determination to drill deep

  6. Here are my toughts, feel free to share your critiqe.

    0:00 : Earth's warmth to generate power
    If you don't understand graphene don't try to sound like you actually do. If you sound like an idiot about THE THEORY, the only thing existing about this proposal, don't expect to be seriously considered. About the method, it could work if you had the technology. It's just that it's so stupidly hard to do anything that comes close to their plans that don't expect to see this method of power generation in 200 years.

    2:53 : Decentralised water power
    It's a really good concept if it actually works as described. Water power is an excellent source of energy, the problem is that dams can be built only on the fraction of all rivers. Being able to gain some power from all rivers would be great. The technology looks promising, but their claims to be cheaper than dams is a bit off. You need to understand that power from water is the function of liquid flow and pressure, or in other words, the height of the dam and the size of the river. Small generators on shallow rivers can't make much power. In addition, if you let most of the river flow by as shown in the video, you get the fraction of the already weak power generation. In the end, you'd need probably thousands of those small plants to make up for a single dam. It's still good if unlike regular dams, you can build them anywhere, but there's no way it's more economical than a conventional dam. Also, even if fish are left unharmed, I doubt environmentalists would let rivers be dotted with these. Also, looking at their animation and their prototype, they don't really have much support/many inversors. Even if a technology is perfect and capable of solving all of the problems, it's not going to happen if noone wants to builds it. And marketing something as "inspired by nature" is also a message they're trying to target less competent investors: not a good sign.

    5:16 :Airborne turbine:
    I can't take them seriously with so many obviously fake claims. Wind power is the function of wind speed and the area of your turbine. Real wind turbines are huge. Even if it's twice as efficient as a conventional LAND turbine (which I doubt, I think it must be at least 3-4 times as efficient!) It's still a tiny tiny turbine that's in there. You'd need several hundreds of these to get the same surface area as a regular turbine, and if the regular turbine is an offshore turbine, they also have the same efficiency, as oceans also have strong and consistent winds. No way several hundreds of these are cheaper than a conventional turbine, especially if you consider the immensely strong cables needed to hold them in the strong winds, with much of their drag coming not from the turbine but the from the ballon, and all of this at a steep angle. Their claims to be cheaper is pathetic, even more if you consider they're planning to use Helium. Then, it may not even be possible at all. Helium is rare and expensive. But no matter how unrealistic it looks, that it's so much more expensive, if Alaska is willing to pay for it, than we're bound to see some in the future.

    7:27 Tidal power
    It's an old concept, a great example of something promising that didn't happen because noone was willing to do it. It's no sci fi like some of these, completely realistic, and if China is the one doing it with it's famous dedication and infinite pockets, and the best experts in the world, I'm expecting to see the project complete in a few years.

    9:42: Floating solar
    Floating solar is another old concept that was held back by unwillingness. It's a lot more realistic nowdays, as solar power has improved a lot, so more projects are bound to happen, but apart from solar power still not being good enough to change the world, this concept has another problem. I think it's clear why you can't use this on seas and oceans. But installing floating solar on lakes doesn't really solve the land problem, as the lake will be completely deprived of sunlight, thus the lake's ecosystem will quickly collapse. The land is consumed just as if it's been installed on a field. But it can work if you don't need the lake at all, or you even want to purposely shadow it (reservoirs).

  7. What about a gyroscopic wind turbine for hurricanes with a stabilizer built deep into the ground? Stronger the energy is put into the disk. The more the gyroscope will stabilize itself. Making it impossible to blow away 😂

  8. The river turbine concept is useless in the USA. Each individual consumes 40Kw/h. It only generates roughly 33.33% of that for a person. The tidal wave idea seems interesting. Run a gear system on it and you can amplify energy.

  9. Another brilliant idea that will never come to fruition.The oil companies, along with corrupt Politicians, will never allow this to be developed further.

  10. If this is the Holy Grale to being polution free please go to TED/TALK gentlemen and let the whole world know so a movement can get people off their tuff and get moving to save the planet!JF Bigras ……Canada

  11. That complain about Fracking so lets drill more holes in the mantle and stop fracking because that makes holes in the mantle now i am confused? Totally clean energy only thing to worry about is Volcano's from the holes in the mantle

  12. I don't see the advantage of the floating solar panel. it could only be installed in areas with fair weather condition. it aims to save land but not the lake ecosystem, it blocks the sunlight which is essential to all life forms.

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