1. OMG you are my fav youtuber, I see u from Chile and you’r like the perfect youtuber for me, for what I like to watch, all the funny , the healthy, the fitness, the sun, the beach, everything it’s just what I was looking for. Thank you for doing this and please never stop

  2. I genuinely love your house…sorry for the random comment but its so cute and homely! I live with my parents as still only 17 and at school blah blah but cannot wait to get my own place one day 🙂 wow okay this is a real random comment!

    Great video by the way! England is really really bad to be real with you…we mostly have takeaway restaurants like mcdonalds and there is literally only 1 vegan cafe where I live that I have yet to visit and litter is always everywhere and ughhh I hate England sometimes :/

  3. Other things to be more eco friendly: consume less, buy more regional, seasonal and organic food, buy second hand and use what you already have instead of buying everything new.

  4. Love this! I watched a video about how to live waste free and it got me thinking for sure. If any new youtubers want to support each other I would love to 💚💚

  5. The containers in the back of the car are a great idea, however, if they are not tied down they act as a missile in the car and will either kill you or cause serious injury in an accident. Hence a cargo barrier would be a great addition if you have a suitable car for one.

  6. Love your plants in jars. May I just suggest adding another one to each shelf with rocks and a votive candle? It would look so pretty lit at night. Love ALL these tips. Thanks for another great video!

  7. I LOVE the way you film your videos. So many youtubers just film these videos sit down style, which are soooo boring. But the way you keep every part of tbe video different and visually appealing while also delivering useful information slays. Keep it up girlfriend <3 <3

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