24v solar generator inside, 400w in solar panels on DIY backyard stand

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Happy 2017! In this video, I moved the 24v solar generator into my living room and the two folding solar panels to the backyard (400w total). I built a lean-to rack out of spare Unistrut (Superstrut) channels. I also sunk a 4′ long grounding rod into the dirt near the patio. Everything works! The batteries are two 12v Trojan 31 AGM “Overdrive” deep cycle batteries. They are great!
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17 thoughts on “24v solar generator inside, 400w in solar panels on DIY backyard stand

  1. You must be an electrician. I would like to learn how to setup off the grid Solar Panels. Here in Cali, I have Solar panels setup and connected to PG&E's panel and I'm still not saving money…prices have gone up from the Solar company and PG&E are raising their rates to tie into their lines…The only way I'm going to save money is to build an off grid Solar system like yours.

  2. Man it has been really bugging me to see that awesome solar generator sittin in your garage. I have been thinking of ways you could put it to use and now you have already gone and done it! Awsome!

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