2,400w backyard solar panel array. Added six more Renogy 100w (12v) panels!

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2,400 watts on this array. Total array power (three arrays) is 4,900 watts. My backyard solar panel arrays power 75-80% of my house’s electric power. I engineered, designed, built, and tested my system by myself. The system is “partial” off-grid…I do NOT sell back to the power company. I use solar to REDUCE the KW/H bought from the power company.

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45 thoughts on “2,400w backyard solar panel array. Added six more Renogy 100w (12v) panels!

  1. I luv it man!!!! How many sun hours do you get down there and how much power are you producing? Here in Maryland I only get 4.2 hrs. Also do they slap a smart meter on your house?

  2. Of course your ego tripping 🤣 but who cares its mighty interesting and great that we can now generate power.

    I like your setup and yeah I'm envious still won't be long I'll be starting my own solar power journey.

    I like solar because its the way of the future.

    No coal
    No nuclear

    Anything to save our planet and so the more you can install the better.

    My brother in-law bought 62 x 250 watt panels which generates I guess up to 16,000 watts.

    I read wiring solar panels in series is bad because if even 1 panel is shaded it generates no power but you did say your using a kinda hybrid series and parallel wiring arrangement.

    I'm still trying to work out how that works.

    Anyway thanks for showing us your solar farm mighty impressive!👍👍

    Where are you going to put the new panels? 😁

  3. Do you have a diagram for that configuration I have right now 6 100watt pannels but dont know how to configure them and wich charge controller should I use, I have 4 6v 255h @100h trojan batteries have not installed it yet still serching to learn

  4. Great video. I was looking into solar for a while, but I think with my HOA and the area I'm at we can't have it.. but either way I'm looking into putting one in my backyard. For one you won't be limited to 50% of the roof that most states mandate. But also I figure it will be against HOA, but if I put up a fence I will hope that will be more than enough to deter them from finding out..

  5. When you get a chance, could you please elaborate more on multiple controllers hitting the same battery bank? I am adding another controller and I want to do it right. Thanks!

  6. I admit I was wrong about you the first time I watched some of your vids. I thought you were showing off like most youtubers. Now, I guess I know more about you. Especially, when I watched your awesome summary video. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Chris!! I really enjoy your videos and learned a lot!! I started my own system for my house, it’s just 800w so far. Made a video of it, please take a look and comment on what you think and what is needed. Thank you!!!!!!! Merry Christmas

  8. Greetings from the Arbuckle mountains in southern Oklahoma! Just found your channel and wanting to get into solar myself on a bigger scale. I use tons of small panels on everything I can but glad to see someone who has started small and built up!

  9. Solar power has cut my dependence on local power company by up to 75% some months. Some day everyone will be using it or you would be just throwing your dedicated resources away. You can take a cruise each year with what you save and start enjoying life for a change. Think about it. Your quality of like would get better, plus you will be contributing for a cleaner air quality for our kids. Win Win.

  10. Just a suggestion. You might want to move those batteries out from under all of that nice and expensive equipment. The off gas of the batteries is corrosive and can shorten the life of your components. Nice set-up. You look very happy.

  11. Do you have problems with the Midnight controllers in your heat? A while ago I was looking at their Kid controller, but I found out Midnight controllers can't operate at full rated power past 77° F ambient temperatures. They de-rate or reduce power every degree past the limit, which is ok I guess if you live in Canada?

  12. Do you sell back any extra power to your local supplier?  Do you know what an average panel will produce per month if you sold to the local power company?   If you put 200 panels up…I'm just curious what the monthy average panel income would be if the power company bought back the power.

  13. I love this video because it shows the potential that a home owner can have a great backup system when the grid goes down without necessarily having to tie into the grid.

  14. Chris DIYer how much avg a month do you sell back to the power company? we would love that man, no kids here so he full yard would have panels hahaha no grandkids either anyway cool video!!

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