47 thoughts on “100,000 km of Solar Tornados

  1. This page does know you are #49 on list to be taken down… Looking over Santos B as well and many getting flagged as conspiracy theorists… Didn't know if ya knew or not…

  2. Less electricity means less gravity, because the world and the universe are ran by electricity and not gravity…… the electricity is being turned off, get ready for the decompression of the sun and the planet Earth, getting ready for earthquakes, super volcanoes, and supermassive coronal ejections…… enjoy the light show in the sky at night, but be warned, there will be no more commercial electricity very soon, for if they get hit, we will get hit also.

  3. You've become a valuable asset to the fire fighting and emergency service communities. More of us are becoming aware of this information you've been passing on to us and we are truly grateful. Keep up the good work and thank you for the new pics!

  4. @ :05 & :15 pause the video and look very closely. You will see a couple of faces that don't look all that friendly.
    Really. ..*what is this?*
    Come on. ..
    WTF is this thing that you keep calling "our sun"

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