10 WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE | eco-friendly swaps & beginner zero waste

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Hey guys! Today I’m sharing 10 different ways to reduce waste and how you can become more eco-friendly and conscious in your everyday life. Beginner’s guide for zero waste!



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24 thoughts on “10 WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE | eco-friendly swaps & beginner zero waste

  1. LOVED this video so much 😍 I think everyone needs to be a little bit more eco friendly and thrive market seems to be doing a great job! I'm definitely going to check them out. Thank you again Alyssa for always doing such a good job ❤️

  2. Thank you for this video! Important fact to note: “EPA estimates that more food reaches landfills and incinerators that any other single material in our everyday trash, constituting 21.6 percent of discarded municipal solid waste” (from the EPA website). So food waste is a major contributor to overall landfill waste and when food breaks down without oxygen in the landfill instead of with oxygen through composting, it releases significantly more methane!

  3. …my tips:
    1. food for takeaway/go out – bring your own bowl/boxes (and of course, I never take plastic utensils), the same with a coffee cup, water cup etc.
    2. if you have kids, bring your own crayons to the restaurant…
    3. make a "food waste list" – food which you put into the trash bin, write in your list, maybe you will be surprised how much food – $$ you put into your trash bin… :c)
    4. it's not necessary to use lots of cotton pads to remove make-up or nail polish, you can use only one bigger washable cotton fabric pad
    Honestly, I'm European girl (I lived in Europe, Middle East/Asia, Africa, now Florida) and when I came to the US, I was very surprised regarding waste here, in EU we have to pay for water, we have to pay for plastic bags when we make shopping etc. If you have to pay for this kind of things, you will more think about it…

  4. Great tips – I'm all about reducing waste & being more sustainable! Any tips on how to reduce energy use in the heat of summer & cold of winter? Having the heat & AC on blast can be expensive and not the most energy efficient.

  5. My biggest pet peeve is when ppl leave the water running when they don’t need it. Like if I see them doing that in a YouTube video I automatically leave their video it’s just so annoying

  6. I got the same produce bags on Thrive. I have really been enjoying using them. Not only are they more sustainable, they are more durable when you are purchasing things like beets with the root part still attached or pointy carrots.

  7. I have an unconventional method of meal planning, but it REALLY eliminates waste. In fact, I am so anti-waste overall that my friends/family bring me overripe bananas (for baking), shredded paper (for our compost) and magazines (to pass along through my network before recycling).

  8. Also I know it’s gross but I pee A LOT and I hate flushing the toilet so much so I’ll just not flush if I only go pee.

    I also use the water from warming up my sink or shower water to water plants

  9. Ive been in Europe where the public transit is so great. I live in the suburbs of LA and we have very few buses and no trains. You kinda of have no choice but to drive a car 🙁 I wish we did

  10. Question on a few things:
    1. I'm definitely interested in the stasher and produce bags…do you just wash them out and turn them inside out to let them dry? Maybe you could clarify the process of cleaning them
    2. As for drinking water, have you made a video on that? I don't trust our tap water (Suffolk County, NY), and I'm not confident that a filter will take out all that is needed (chlorine, fluoride, etc.), so I buy 1 gallon jugs of spring water, and recycle them after I pour them into my reusable drinking bottle….I know it's not perfect, but I doubt I can afford a fancy home filtration system and not sure how well they work….any tips for drinking water?

  11. Great video! I'm already doing a bunch of these, but I definitely learned a few tips here, and I'm very impressed by what you said about Thrive…I'll check them out…..
    I'm definitely aware of and trying to create less waste, I just wish everyone was on board with this, it's frustrating when you are trying so hard and some people just don't care or aren't thinking about it….great video, nonetheless….

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