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Hey guys!!! Ever wondered how to be eco-friendly as nurses? Probably not, but I’ve decided to share some tips with you guys anyways! Hope you enjoy, Justine xo

Reusable K-Cups:
Reusable straws:
Reusable Ziplocks:


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11 thoughts on “10 WAYS TO BE ECO-FRIENDLY NURSES!

  1. I've come up with exactly the same things to do πŸ™‚ And I'll definitely be looking at those ziplock bags! As a placemat I use my cloth napkin, so I have a little pouch with my cutlery from home with a reusable straw and 1 or 2 cloth napkins. They are always so handy πŸ™‚ And I don't know if this is just common sense, but I always take my notes on the back of used paper ( if only one side has been printed or written on). There is generally a stash on the units where I am. Looking forward to your next videos! xx

  2. In my opinion, it's hypocritical if you are unhealthy to the world and to yourself as a nurse. If we are going to preach healthy lives we need to be setting the example!

  3. Plastic Free July! I love my reuseable cups. I have a Stojo, a Keep Cup and a Thermos mug, and I bring my lunch in lovely reuseable BPA free boxes, and I have about 4 different waterbottles I use depending on how much water I want to bring. Just bought myself some steel straws!
    I bought reuseable ziplocks for my kids lunches last year, was so sick of tossing the plastic ones and sick of spending money on them!!

    I also loved my Diva Cup but have since moved on to reuseable cloth pads because I developed a lovely allergy to the bleaches in disposable sanitary pads. Becoming more eco conscious is brilliant. Well done for talking about it Justine!

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