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#ecofriendly #ecofriendlydecoration #ecofriendlyganpatidecorations #ecofriendlyganpatidecorationunder1000rs
in this video we have shown you how to make eco-friendly ganpati decoration
we have made eco-friendly decorations by papers for ganpati festivals.
1. we have roll the bushes to make a round shape stone
2. we roll it my paper and thread
3. we make a construstion of cardboard paper for decoration me cover our showcase by cardboard papers
4. put that paper rolls stone shape on that cardboard apply it on fevicol and stik it by tape
5. apply papers white papers on rolls for nice shape so our decoration will looks cool
6 then give mountain shape for waterfall to make waterfall for ganpati decoration
6. color it by grey and dark grey shades so our ganpati decoration will looks more attractive and ecofriendly
7. apply tisshu paper for waterfall shape
8 apply silicon glue for waterfall looks
9. apply blule lights and our full ecofriendly decoration is ready
this eco-friendly is under 1000 rs
ecofriendly decoration under 1000 rs we made it so how its looks comment down

Towards Green Energy | class X | SSC Board | Book Back Exercise.

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Orignal Solar Panel Vs Fake Solar Panel in urdu/hindi

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Buy solar product online in india at Loomsolar (It is India’s premium Solar Brand Store), click here:

Is video may may ap logo ko yeh btau ga k orignal solar panal oor fake solar panal may kya faraq hota hy?
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How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

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Watch more How to Help Save the Environment videos:

A carbon footprint is an equation that estimates just how much you, personally, are contributing to global warming—and all you have to do is plug some info into an online calculator. Figuring out how to make your footprint smaller, of course, is another m

Step 1: Locate a carbon footprint calculator
Use an online search engine to locate a website with a ‘carbon footprint calculator.’ If you provide the information, these sites will determine your footprint for free.

Step 2: Provide the requested information
Provide the requested information, which will include the number of people in your house; your average monthly energy costs; the type of car you drive; how much you drive; and any recent flights you’ve taken.

Step 3: Analyze the results
Review the summary of your carbon footprint, which you’ll receive when you complete the questionnaire. Your footprint will be presented in the form of tons of CO2, or carbon dioxide, that you’re responsible for producing each year.

Many of the websites that calculate your footprint will offer tips on how you can reduce it.

Step 4: Explore carbon offsets
Explore carbon offsets, which are ‘credits’ you can buy from companies that take steps, like planting trees, to offset the carbon dioxide you’re creating.

Make sure that the carbon-offset programs have verifiable credentials; there’s a lot of fraud in this new industry.

Step 5: Take action
Don’t ignore your new knowledge. Knowing just how much you’re connected to the health of your planet is only the first step toward dedicated action.

Did You Know?
In February 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that global warming is ‘unequivocal’ and very likely caused by human activities.