Eco-Friendly House Falling Apart, Leaving Brad Pitt in Very Unpleasant Situation

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Eco-Friendly House Falling Apart, Leaving Brad Pitt in Very Unpleasant Situation
Good intentions may look nice in the short term, but that’s rarely enough to solve serious problems. You might say that this sentence summarizes the flaw with liberalism. Much of the “progressive” philosophy is based on looking good and appearing compassionate, but without the proper foundations tha…

The Making of a Next Generation Solar Panel

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An exclusive look at the making of the Next-Generation Solar Panel here at SolarTech Universal.

Let’s Power The World Together.

Testing Portable Solar Grill

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Testing Solar Grill –

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Electric Cars Tesla Carbon Footprint

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Elon Mask explains the key principles required to reach sustainability in mobility. This Quote comes from TED talks the original interview link :

Modern Natural Gas Electricity plant can reach efficiency of 60% while a car running Natural Gas can reach 20% efficiency in proper condition, this is one of the key principle behind the electric car concept. Beside we need to switch to electric car while improving the renewable energy technology.